Thursday, June 30, 2011


Wow!  Two posts in one day.  This is definitely a record for me.  I just couldn't wait to share pictures.

Here's just a few presents that we recieved from our second shower.  Scott is modeling our beautiful new water sprinkler from a co-worker.  We also got an adorable playhouse for our backyard and a wagon!

Here's pictures of their adorable room.  It's quite bright in the day and dark at night.  It was difficult to decorate a room for both a girl and boy.  We picked out material, and I sewed their duvet covers, pillowcases, and curtains.  It was quite fun and turned out well.  Scott and I painted, and he did the molding around the top.  We're quite pleased.  Thanks IKEA for the furniture!  Although, Scott made the night stands to match!  Quite crafty!

Here is the beginning of our stash to bring with us to Poland.  There's water toys for the pool.  Plenty of supposedly "Quiet toys", but the soccer ball is not coming.  If you can think of any suggestions to bring, I would love them!  I'm trying to be prepared but not to overpack.  We still haven't heard from Poland yet.  We're hoping it's soon!  We appreciate all the happy thoughts and prayers.  It's only by accomplished by a miracle!  Thank you!

Still Waiting

It is easier to wait if I don't know what the date is.  As soon as I write the date, it hits me how long it's been since I've seen my children.  Also, it doesn't help with everyone asks, "Have you heard anything?"  I have to explain everything all over again about waiting for documents.

While we wait, we've finished the room!  I need to take pictures.  Also, we had a friends adoption shower. It was filled with friends from work, our neighborhood, and church.  It was so fun to see everyone and how happy they are.  Of course, I answered a lot more, "How soon do you go back?"  My mother-in-law compared it to being in labor and just waiting to go to the hospital!  We have generous friends and family.

Pictures will have to wait.  I'm running to play with my nieces and nephews.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Progess at Home

We've made progress at home while waiting.  Scott's family threw us a large family shower on Thursday.  They are all so sweet and supportive.  I should tell you that he comes from a HUGE family.  Well, it is huge for me since I have one brother and only four cousins combined from both sides.  He is one of five children, and his dad had quite a few brothers and sisters.  Sometimes the cousins forget each others' names because there are quite a few!  We received car seats, beautiful outfits for all occasions, swimsuits, bathroom stuff, and lots of toys and books!  It was so fun to see everyone there and so happy.  They're already planning play dates with our kids!  I told them it would be a while to get to that point.  I remember how overwhelming it was to meet so many people at once.  I'll try to be considerate of my children.

This is a picture from the shower.  My newest niece (3 weeks) was sleeping in my arms, and my dear sweet nephew just wanted some attention.  He'll definitely be jealous when we get our kids, but I love him!

We have painted, trimmed, and sewn this week.  The room is painted and clean.  I have sewn the duvet covers.  You would not believe how hard it is to find matching boy and girl comforters.  There is nothing!  I decided to use my craftiness and love of sewing to come up with a solution.  My adorable husband not only went to dozens of places and searched online for comforters, but he went to 3 craft stores looking for material.  Finally, we spent over an hour at one cloth shop and found adorable matching fabric.  Nadia's duvet has flowers and stripes, and Damian's has bugs and stripes.   We saw Damian pick up bugs outside and squash them between his fingers which was quite strange!  I hope they love it as much as we do.  We plan on getting the furniture on Monday!  I can't wait to put away their clothes in their drawers and make their beds.  We'll post pictures.

I should have said we did have Magda translate a page of commands, requests, and praises.  I'm keeping a list of additional phrases to be translated.  I loved calling my kids good boy and good girl.  They would just look up and smile at me.  I tried to use positives every time I could.  I'm definitely a praiser because I LOVE to be praised myself.  My husband jokes that I always am happier cleaning if he tells me I'm doing a  good job!

 Here's a few more pictures.  We loved the swings!  Everyone loves Tata!
 We took so many pictures that he found a camera and started taking our picture.  He smiled everytime I said "CHEESE!"  It must be an American thing!
 The photo books were a BIG hit!  I would definitely recommend it.  Funny thing, their favorite pictures were of themselves.  I'm not sure they have seen a picture of themselves before.
I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crazy in Utah

We're working crazy hard in Utah trying to get things ready.  Regretfully, working on our Polish has not been a part of it yet.  When we got to Poland this last time, I realized how much I needed to work on it more.  Magda was great to translate some key parent phrases like: "you're not allowed", "no more", and "not now".  We're picking out furniture, reorganizing all the closets, painting their room, and looking forward to kid showers.  We'll post more pictures later!