Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wow! It's been a long time!

This year has been full of surprises and curve-balls.  My husband was laid off at his job in April.  Therefore our finished home study had to be updated with our new information.  I continue to work more hours at Dyslexia Center.  Scott applied and got into a master's teaching program.  He was able to take a difficult situation and turn it into fulfilling a life long dream.  I'm so proud of him.  In December on 2011, if all goes well, he should graduate a teacher for grades 7-12 in social sciences.  

We are still on the track of adopting up to two beautiful children from Poland.  We increased our age limit to increase our chances of getting two.  Although the postponement from the summer drama, we have mailed off our i-800 to the CIS for approval.  We are scheduled to get fingerprints done on Tuesday.  I hope it doesn't take long to get the approval after that.  They've had it for two or three weeks now.  

Just waiting to hear back from our social worker, working on perfecting the documents to be apostilled (approved and verified), and reading my Parenting Internationally Adopted Children mommy guide.  It is really interesting and fascinating to read.  My goal is to be equipped to handle the hardest problems and hope for the best.  I need to get back into the Rosetta Stone and practice my Polish some more.  I've almost finished book 1 of 3.   

I think the hardest part is not knowing what to expect and not being able to prepare for it.  I keep wanting to buy things to get rooms ready, but my loving husband reminds me to wait.  I just keep a notebook full of ideas on packing lists, things for their rooms, and everything else that pops into my head.  It is all very exciting, and I love all the support and enthusiasm from all my friends and family that surround me.  You would think that they're getting the child(ren)!  

I hope this updates all our friends all over the United States that were wondering.  Sorry it's been so long.  There's been ups and downs, and it didn't help that I forgot my password!  Thanks for all your help and love.