Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Off to Poland!

Our dossier is complete, approved by our agency, and mailed off to Poland.  It feels good to join those in waiting.  I just hope it goes reasonably quick as I'm sure everyone else does too!  Off to craft!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not Quite Waiting Yet

We are getting all of our documents sent off to be apostilled.  Maybe my excitement was a little too early.  We are not quite waiting yet.  Our major discouragement is with getting a police clearance apostilled in Germany.  Adoption clearances are harder when you have lived in multiple states or countries after the age of 18.  Who knew?  Germany is no longer apostilling documents for people outside of Germany.  Any ideas?  Scott and our agency are exploring options such as talking to the German consulate.  Hopefully our paperwork will be apostilled in two weeks.  I will keep you posted. 

I asked for a new timeline for waiting.  Our agency SMIA, told me it is about 2-3 months to get translated and get in line for a referral, and then realistically 2 months after that for a referral.  We were hoping for quicker!  I guess everyone wants it to be quicker!  We've waited so long for our little ones, and any longer just seems hard.  Does anyone know if 2 kids is faster nowadays?  I heard it was, and then last year it wasn't.  I was just wondering.  I guess I can put it on my question list for my agency! 

Thanks for all your well wishes!  Just seeing other adoption successes and hearing about referrals makes me happy and gives me hope.  Thanks for all your posts.