Friday, April 9, 2010

Completed Home Study Draft received!

We received our first copy of our home study to look over. It sounds great.  We just have to send back a few corrections to be made.  Our FBI background check came yesterday in the mail.  It was perfect timing because that was the last documentation that we needed for our home study.  Our completed home study is 16 pages long.  I guess that is why we had to talk to him for about 4 hours to answer all his questions.  It would take a long time to type up all the information as organized as he did.

I think that it would be great for every parent to have to think how much they want to provide for a child.  It has been really fun to read the references and recommendations for us to become parents.  I think all parents should receive kind letters from friends, family, or strangers that learn of them that tell of what great parents they are or will be.  It has been very uplifting.

Now onto our citizenship paperwork or whatever it is called!  We had to wait for our completed home study to send off additional paperwork for our dossier!  More paperwork, yeah!  If it weren't for emails, I think we would have used about 4 trees by now!