Thursday, July 14, 2011

No new updates

Just a blog to tell you that we've heard nothing new.  We're in limbo waiting and not planning a single thing until we get a call.  All we know is that, our kids are in Poland, our paperwork for the immigrant visas are mailed off, and our court is good.  I feel like sitting and twiddling my thumbs at the moment.  I force myself to do Rosetta stone about every other day for a few hours, and go to work.  We add things to our packing list, pick things up at the store, and spend time with friends and family.  It turned out that we had more weekends than we thought to spend time with everyone!  Now I think they don't believe that we will ever leave!  

I think I need a dry erasable fore head that updates people without them having to ask.  I go to work, the grocery store, church, people's houses, etc. and the first question is always, "Have you heard anything?"  I can see why people don't say anything to anyone until the last moment before having kids because then people don't ask questions!  I have a friend who waits until she can't hide her pregnancy anymore before she tells everyone.  For example: she just told me a month ago that she is having a little boy!  I just tell everyone that unless I look super cheerful and bouncing with energy, then I haven't heard anything.  I guess I look more energetic and cheerful everyday because they still ask every time I see them.  I'm sure Lina is tired of our weekly calls for updates.  She's so sweet to stay positive and gently remind us that she hasn't heard anything.  We can always hope, right?