Monday, July 22, 2013

Adoption Profile Complete!

We have completed all our of requirements, finished our profile, and have joined the thousands of hopeful parents waiting to adopt a beautiful infant.  It is a difficult process to wait to be chosen and blessed with a little one.  I cannot imagine the process of choosing parents for your unborn child are any less difficult.  The process would have to be the most tough time in someone's life.  All we can do is pray for our birth parents and love them.  We do not know who they are yet, but we already love and appreciate their selfless sacrifice.  

You can view and pass on our profile to anyone that may be interested or know someone who is thinking of placing a child for adoption.  We are looking for an open adoption with contact with the birth parents before and after placement.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

The main website is  Our profile number is 28455431.  Thanks!
 This is a recent picture of us for our adoption profile.
 Stella as a puppy!  I can't believe how small she was!
 Yes!  I do love to dress my sweet puppy!  She was a few months old here.
Scott's loving family

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Slow on Process

We have been slow on completing the adoption process for LDS Family Services our newest adoption agency.  It has taken a few introductions to prospective birth parents to light a fire under us.  We hope to have it complete and published by Monday.  I am excited about the possibilities but worried about the uncertainty.  It will be wonderful to be picked by a birth couple/mother/father.

Stella will  turn one on July 11, 2013.  We are excited to throw a birthday party for her!  I should change that, I am excited to have a birthday party for her.  Scott just gives me funny looks when I talk about it.  Ha!  He will enjoy the cake and special dinner.  Stella will enjoy the special treats and all the attention.

Well, we are enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon at Grandma's house.  I hear Stella's name being called from the kitchen in a naughty scolded voice so I should check on her.  She loves to help, but she isn't much help.