Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CIS approval

We received our CIS approval from the government to bring two children into the United States.  It was our last big paper to receive.  Two days later, we drove to our social worker's house to pick up our Utah clearances that he hadn't mailed back yet.  Now we are going to get our copies notarized with affidavits.  Then we are off to get everything apostilled by the secretary of state.  And finally, everything will be sent to POLAND!  

It is exciting to be so close to be at the waiting period.  I've got a few crafts for the kids to keep me busy.  I always love to sew and crochet.  I've done a few blankets over the years, but I only have one boy blanket.  I keep thinking I need to be prepared for one of each or two of each.  I have many girl blankets because that is what we requested at first, but now it is totally open to hopefully decrease waiting time.  Also, I'm making a play house out of material to cover our card table.  I've made them for my nephews and niece, and they absolutely loved them.  I'll have to post a picture when I'm finished.  I'm making hand puppets with different emotions on the front.  My hope is that our kids will be able to relate and learn to express how their feeling with the puppets.  I would love to add more projects to my list, but that will be enough to keep my busy for a couple of months.  If anyone has ideas for home made generic toys/needs for kids under 6, I would love to hear them.  

We are still working with Rosetta Stone.  I've started learning how to count at the end of Level 1.  I think it will come in handy.  Scott is busy with school work for his masters so he isn't quite as far.  On the radio today, they were asking for parents to call in if their kids spoke another language other than English.  They wanted to show how diverse the population was, I think.  I just thought...  my kids speak Polish!  I hope they try to remember their Polish because we're striving to learn it to use with them.  It would be a fun family bond if we spoke Polish together.

Scott and I have decided to make one last quick trip while we can.  Our paperwork is almost over, and it's a small celebration.  Soon we'll be leaving for Washington DC for a few days.  It's one place that I haven't visited.  We have three whole days to pack in as much as we can.  Scott and I love history, and we thought we'd slip in it before Poland.  We'll have to bring the kids when they're older and studying it in school.

I'll write again once everything is sent off to Poland.  Thanks for your comments!