Monday, May 23, 2011


I don't know if it is jet lag or the short time we've spent with the kids, but I'm exhausted!  We met the kids today after a meeting with all the officials.  I surprise a few people by how young I am.  They sized me up that I would be best at running after the kids, and boy were they right!  The meetings went well.  For the second meeting, we saw their bedroom, play rooms, and bath room.  We brought toys (they liked), bubbles (they loved!), and stuffed animals (they wouldn't touch).  They were happiest when we were tossing them in the air and playing with them.  We heard some tears and saw the other side too!  I wonder what they tell them exactly besides that we're here to visit them.  I did realized that we missed their snack time and that would explain some behavior at trying to get out the door.  We'll have to keep their schedule.  They sure like cookies and sugar!  Bribing power!  We look forward to a couple more visits before we leave.  Here are some pictures!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I didn't believe I would say that for a while.  We have accepted a referral for 2 kids.  There is Damian who will be 3 next month, and Natalia who will be 5 in September.  I haven't met them yet, but I'm already losing sleep!

I guess it was one of those quick offers, but it's perfect for us.  We received the referral after a quick call from Lina asking if we would be interested.  Of course, we said yes.  It only took us a day, quick trip to a pediatrician, and lots of prayer to feel it was a miracle.  Now we have bought our first plane tickets to Poland.  We meet our kids in less than 10 days I think!  I can't believe it's here.  They are absolutely adorable.

This is my son!
Here is my daughter!
So I have a list of questions to ask about background, parents, and current routines.  We're bringing 2 blankets, 2 stuffed animals, and photo books of the families.  Lina said they could keep these things with them to help remember us and feel closer.  Any more ideas?  We figured we'd wash the blankets and stuffed animals in our laundry detergent and spray our cologne to help smell memories.  I have even thought slinkies.  Call me crazy, but I read in "Parenting Internationally Adopted Children" that it can help the concept of away and back.  Just a reminder that we will come back for them.  What do you think?  I appreciate all input from those who have gone before us and those to yet go.  Thanks so much for your friendship and support.  I hope our experiences help lift the spirits of those waiting as those before us helped us.