Saturday, July 6, 2013

Slow on Process

We have been slow on completing the adoption process for LDS Family Services our newest adoption agency.  It has taken a few introductions to prospective birth parents to light a fire under us.  We hope to have it complete and published by Monday.  I am excited about the possibilities but worried about the uncertainty.  It will be wonderful to be picked by a birth couple/mother/father.

Stella will  turn one on July 11, 2013.  We are excited to throw a birthday party for her!  I should change that, I am excited to have a birthday party for her.  Scott just gives me funny looks when I talk about it.  Ha!  He will enjoy the cake and special dinner.  Stella will enjoy the special treats and all the attention.

Well, we are enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon at Grandma's house.  I hear Stella's name being called from the kitchen in a naughty scolded voice so I should check on her.  She loves to help, but she isn't much help.

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  1. Good luck..... We are still on the roller coaster too:);)